The Club

From the moment you gaze upon the stone archway and hand-polished cedar wood entrance, you will realize that The Lodge is not your average cabaret. Throughout its entirety, the use of natural woods, stone, foliage, exotic wildlife trophies, plush furniture and vintage antiques gives The Lodge its rustic elegance and nostalgic class. Everywhere you turn, you are captivated by beautiful ladies and equally beautiful surroundings. Main stage is an enormous cave where our gorgeous dancers emerge. It appears to have been carved by nature’s own hand; spanning over twenty feet tall, bathed by a trickling waterfall with leopards, cougars and other exotic wildlife. Our main bar was hand-carved out of a massive cedar tree and is in itself a masterpiece.  Along one wall, a stone fireplace reaches to the ceiling and is graced with an early 1800’s painting from a brothel in New Orleans.  It gives a warm, glowing feel as if you’re just off the slopes in Aspen, relaxing with beautiful ladies.

Main Room

The Library

If you’re seeking coziness and comfort, The Library is just for you. Slightly quieter and more subdued than the main floor, The Library was designed for more intimate conversation. Serviced by a hand-carved 19th century cherry wood bar and lined with bookshelves featuring vintage encyclopedias and antique novels of love stories and tragedies. As well, The Library houses our antique gun rack and shoe shine chair for you to kick back, relax and take it all in.

Wine Cellar

The Wine Cellar is a secluded area available to VIPs and special guests.  It safeguards The Lodge’s vintage wine selection, fine champagnes, elite spirits and a humidor. Made entirely of hand-carved cedar and oak woods, the wine cellar is lined with original wine barrels and features plush, intimate booths and dining tables.

VIP Lounge

An ideal place to wine, dine, entertain and spoil corporate guests, our exclusive VIP areas are the perfect setting to celebrate, negotiate and indulge.  Our Casablanca-inspired VIP lounge on the second floor overlooks The Library Room and offers members private dining and entertainment areas, including individual caves with booth seating and romantic lighting for a more intimate experience.  VIP concierges ensure superior, unobtrusive and tasteful service with our finest serving staff and private bar.  Under twinkling stars and an elaborate crystal chandelier, the private VIP stage, elegant seating and dining areas, plush lounges, discreet booths and a gaming room are all accessible to members only.


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